Document Digitization and Management

Organized digital documents with custom ‘tags’.

Controlled and secured access for approved users.

Flexible search for instant and accurate results.

Paper, Paper Everywhere

Paper documents are everywhere. It is common being overwhelmed with all the documents – at work or home. Over time the piles of paper lead to chaos, worries, and inefficiency. Also, papers get lost or damaged over time.

On the other hand, electronic documents (files) – changed and saved on regular basis – get mixed up with wrong or outdated versions, thereby creating major confusions, embarrassing problems, and wastage of time.

Documents – Organized and Secured

Convert the mess of documents into a valuable resource by organizing scanned copies of paper documents and/or electronic documents into hierarchically structured document archives / repositories. Create a clean environment by replacing the unsightly piles of papers.

Custom tags for documents, OCR to extract text, easy and flexible search help precisely locate documents – including all versions – from the document repository. Restrict access to and stop tampering of documents with controlled access for approved users to the digital documents.

What Do We Offer?

SARANGSoft digipaper is a document digitization and management software for Windows to convert paper documents (or scanned versions of those) and existing electronic documents into Digital Document Archives / Repositories.

  • Define hierarchical repository for digital documents.
  • Tag each document for ease of identification later.
  • Control access to documents for authorized users.
  • Find documents via flexible search on tags and/or content.

Price: Starting from less than US$ 100.


  • Organize scanned or electronic documents
  • Tag documents for better identification
  • Built-in OCR for ‘searchable PDF’ documents
  • Batch import of documents for efficiency
  • Use flexible ad-hoc search to find documents
  • Control user’s access to documents & tags
  • Manage multiple versions of any document
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  • Organize documents as per company needs
  • Access to documents from anywhere
  • Manage scanned and electronic documents
  • Identify documents via flexible tagging
  • No tampering with digitized documents
  • Import documents in bulk / batch
  • Offsite storage for disaster recovery
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  • Design document repositories
  • Create users and set access control
  • Scan and tag documents
  • Build custom search, define process
  • Customize software as required
  • Research and recommend suitable technologies
  • Install, configure, train, support
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