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DOCUMENT Digitization & Management Document Digitization & Management

Why Digitize Documents?

Convert the burden of paper piles to valuable digital resource.

Not many organizations, or even households, claim to have too few papers! Over time the growing piles of papers result in confusion, inefficiency, and worries. Digitization of important paper documents leads to a more efficient, secure, and clean operation. Scanned copy of the original document provides a fall back option in case the paper is lost or damaged. Organized storage and tagging of the digital / scanned copies makes it much easier and faster to find and use the required documents without needing the original paper. Controlled access to the digital version creates better security for the documents.


Scan paper documents. Tag for identification. Organize in hierarchical archives.
Collect digital documents (files). Associate tags. Store in document archives.
Easy and flexible Search to Find all versions of documents. View, Print, Share.

Create a Document Archive hierarchy according to document areas, topics, types. Scan documents into suitable file format (image or PDF) as the digital copy. Tag (i.e., mark) each digital document with property / attributes (e.g., name, department, account number, document type, date etc.) to later identify or find it. Store the electronic document and associated tags under suitable branch of the Archive. Prevent access (view, print or alter) to the electronic document storage without valid user authentication. Edit a document's metadata and/or add a new or updated digital copy as another version. Search on document tags and other properties (e.g. name, description, content) to locate the required document from document storage along with its version history over time. View and/or print any version of a document or update it as needed.


For long-term storage, organize the various types of documents into archives. digipaper is a perfect document archiving software for defining the hierarchical structure as per business needs. Document archiving is the exact opposite of dumping all the documents in a single place without planning. An well-planned archive helps group the documents in section and sub-section (virtual folder and sub-folder) format, so that it's easy to retrieve any document quickly and easily. In an archive, define meta keywords or “tags” for each section / sub-section, so that these tags associate with all documents of that section / sub-section. Tag properties can vary based on specific business cases / scenarios, and tag values help identify document(s) during document retrieval.


Electronic documents are created, edited, stored every day. There are Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, presentations, marketing materials (logos, banners, posters, fliers), technical designs or drawings, and more. Often within an organization people do not know which of these documents are to be used in project proposals, planning process, promotional activities etc. Use of a wrong document or version can lead to confusion and frustration, even cause major embarrassment and problems later on. Thus an electronic document management solution helps organize various types of electronic documents in a Repository, so that appropriate persons can easily find and use the correct version of required documents as needed.


For any document management system, it is essential to quickly and easily retrieve documents on as-needed basis. With built-in ad-hoc search of any complexity level – including multiple conditions – using tags, document name, description, and document content, digipaper makes document retrieval a breeze. All applicable versions of the retrieved documents are provided, and version can be viewed, printed, or shared (if enabled). A retrieved document can also be edited and stored as a new version (added) alongside earlier version of the document.

What Do We Offer?

Document Digitization and Management software
and services for Windows platform with cloud backend.

Our ready-to-use packaged software, digipaper, is powerful yet easy to manage your paper and electronic documents.
We can also customize digipaper and offer end-to-end turnkey solution to meet your specific needs for document digitization.

Our full service offering includes archive / repository design, scanning and tagging of paper documents, scanner selection and integration,
data storage and backup, cloud integration, installation and configuration, training, and long-term maintenance.


SARANGSoft digipaper is a document digitization and management software for Windows to convert paper documents (or already-scanned versions of those) and existing electronic documents into Digital Document Archives / Repository.

  • Define hierarchical archive / repository for digital documents.
  • Tag each document for ease of identification later on.
  • Control access to documents for specific users.
  • Use flexible search to easily find documents within archive.
  • Integrate with cloud for wider access and disaster-protection.

Price: Starting from less than US$ 100.

What does it do

Helps manage both digitized (scanned) paper documents and electronic documents (computer files) as hierarchical archives / repositories. Stores multiple versions of documents along with suitable "tags". Controls access to stored documents via authenticated login. Flexible and powerful search finds required documents within moments.

How does it work

Creates archives of scanned paper documents in image (JPEG, PNG etc.) or PDF format and electronic documents (computer files) with suitable "tags". Stores all the data in backend database and allows access only via login. Provides ad-hoc search to locate all versions of matching documents. Enables viewing (fullscreen, pan, zoom) and printing of documents.

How to use it

Define archive hierarchy, set section-specific "tags", scan paper documents and/or use electronic documents with document-specific "tags", save in the archive / repository, add new versions of documents as appropriate. Use search by document attributes to find the required documents. View (fullscreen, pan, zoom) and print as needed.

Product features

  • document archive creation
  • document storage through scanning
  • electronic document storage system
  • Tag documents for document retrieval
  • OCR document content for fast retrieval
  • flexible search for document retrieval
  • document management by maintaining multiple versions
  • view pan zoom electronic document
  • Create hierarchical digitial document archive
  • Scan papers and/or use existing scanned copies
  • Build electronic document storage system
  • “Tag” documents helps during document retrieval
  • OCR on digital documents for text content
  • Use flexible ad-hoc search to retrieve documents
  • Maintain multiple versions of any document
  • View (pan, zoom, fullscreen), print any size document

Product View

Product View

Product Benefits

  • hierarchical document archiving
  • document archiving as per business needs
  • easy and fast document retrieval system
  • document management and security
  • electronic document management through access privilege
  • document retrieval through document tagging
  • powerful document retrieval system
  • document retrieval using OCR-ed content
  • Hierarchical document archiving
  • Document archiving as per business needs
  • Fast retrieval of documents in archive / repository
  • No tampering of digital documents in archives
  • Document management through access privilege
  • Document retrieval made easy via flexible tagging
  • Powerful and flexible search to retrieve documents
  • OCR-ed text as tags from scanned documents

Total Document Digitization Solution

Digitization is not all about scanning papers.

We do it all for you

  • Design document archives. Set user and access control.
  • Scan & Tag documents. Build custom search. Define process.
  • Select and Integrate hardware & cloud. Customize software.
  • Install & Configure. Train. Support. Maintain.

RESULT: Complete document digitization that works.


To make the digitization process successful, time-bound, and efficient, we offer the following services.

  • Identify document types and group based on that: Archive related document together, Create users and set access levels
  • Define archive structure: Group documents by topic as (sub-)sections and define suitable tags
  • Select scanning mechanism by document type: Size, type, condition; acquire hardware & integrate; design the process
  • Scanning process: Provide suitable manpower, manage scanning and archiving process in entirety
  • Set up configuration and support: Software Installation, Demo, Training, Support, Maintenance
  • Customization: Customized version of digipaper to meet specific requirements, including UI (look & feel), additional functionality, different behavior, organizational policies, integration with other infrastructure, and so on.


  • Well organized digitized document archive
  • Minimal need for original papers, hence can be stored away.
  • Tag every document as needed for ease of identification
  • Very easy to find a document through flexible search
  • Open document to view, pan and zoom; print, if needed
  • Maintain multiple versions of any document
  • Much higher efficiency by reduced delay
  • Clean and nice work environment, lots of space freed up
  • Controlled access to specific people

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